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Stunning dark blue crepe blouse most probably designed by Ossie Clark. Clark and Alice Pollock's designs often were produced under the more general 'Quorum' label in the early Seventies, and this piece is very reminiscent of Ossie's earlier chiffon blouse with ruffled flamenco sleeves (see below). The ruffles are a wonder to behold, cascading down the sleeves and also going from front to back like fins! This is possibly the most fun and lovely piece I've come across and I would definitely not be selling if it was my size!


Bust 35" max - Waist 28" (sits slightly higher than the natural waist) - Length 17"


Moss crepe and ribbon


Some slight grubbiness to the ribbon in places (see pictures below but my camera struggled to pick it up). Some of the fabric covering on the bottom button is coming away (see picture). There's a blue mark which is also captured below, it's almost like a rogue bit of blue thread. Sold as vintage.


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