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Janice Wainwright

Incredible, iconic Janice Wainwright kaftan-style dress from the early 1970s. Featuring her signature embroidery on a black jersey, but more unusually decorated with sequins. The dress has no fastenings and simply pulls over the head, the fabric has some stretch and the body is completely concealed by multiple tiers of jersey. Simply stunning and getting rarer and rarer to find...


Bust slightly open at the sides but approx 36" - Waist 36-38" - Hips 36-38" - Length 56"


Rayon jersey (the type also used by Jean Muir)


Matching mends on each side where the first skirt tier is connected to the base fabric and must have pulled away. Even though external, they're not really visible when worn because of the top half layer. There are a few tiny holes which look like stitch holes at the neck - and a couple of tiny pulls - barely visible as you can see from the photo. Sold as vintage.


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